February 13, 2017

Read about BCN's position on free-roaming cats, trap, neuter and release/return programs and the impacts of cats on birds and human health.

Read the position paper here.

"Working Together for Birds and Habitats"
BCN NEWS ITEMS - Current BCN News Items, Press Releases, & Upcoming Meetings and Events

The next meeting will take place on Apr. 7 at 1pm. Location TBD.

Jan. 23, 2018

Protocol & results from a migrant monitoring study at LaBagh Woods & Montrose

Dec. 11, 2017

Bird conservation success stories & trips in Cook Co. preserves Apr.-Sep. 2016

Mar. 27 2016

View a summary of results from the 2012 and 2013 Red-headed Woodpecker Blitzes.

May 1, 2016

View the latest BCN Survey trends for Chicagoland's breeding birds

Jan. 5, 2015
BIRD CONSERVATION RESOURCES - Information and Resources on a Variety of Conservation Topics
Land Managers
Building Owners
  • WINDOW KILLS - learn about the substantial volume of bird collisions with windows & how to prevent them.
  • LIGHTS OUT CHICAGO - Join the dozens of building owners dimming night lights to help migrant birds.
  • BIRD SAFE DESIGN - Learn how to make your building "safe" for birds & prevent bird mortalities.
  • FOUND A DEAD OR INJURED BIRD? - What to do with injured birds and who can care for them.
Home Owners
Birding Clubs
  • BIRDING CALENDAR - A calendar by IOS & BCN of bird walks, talks and events occurring around the state.
  • BIRDER TRIBUTES - tributes to local birders who made a difference for bird conservation in our area.
  • SHARE AN ISSUE - let us know about an issue in your area that could benefit from BCN's action & support.
  • JOINING BCN - join the network of organizations working together to protect birds in greater Chicagoland.
  • BCN SURVEY - learn how to become a BCN monitor and survey breeding birds at a park or preserve.
  • BCN EBIRD - share your bird sightings on BCN eBird and contribute to important research.
  • BIRDING CALENDAR - A calendar by IOS & BCN of bird walks, talks and events occurring around the state.
  • BIRDING TRAIL GUIDE - a guide to the best birding spots in the Chicagoland area and adjacent suburbs.