Bird Conservation Network



October 19, 2002




In attendance: Suzanne Checchia (ENSBC), Randi Doeker, Bob Fisher (DBC)-President, Jill Niland (COS), Lee Ramsey (NAS-CW), Chris Williamson (COS), Geoff Williamson (IOS), Ken Wysocki..



Because there was no quorum, the membership applications of Randi Doeker, Ken Wysocki, and R. David Johnson of the Wild Bird Center in Fox River Grove will be submitted via mail ballot.


Treasurer’s report (Bob reporting for Mary Anne Harrison): We have about $6000 in the bank, plus $1000 in a matching grant from the state of Illinois and $10,000 in an matching grant from Chicago Wilderness. The last two of these are dedicated to development of the monitoring web site. There were several suggestions of projects on which BCN funds might be spent.




Lights Out/Building Collisions program: Randi and Ken described ongoing research on this subject. There is a need for volunteers to help document collisions and to communicate with building managers. Randi agreed to act as BCN coordinator of a Building Collision Task Force. A report will be published on the BCN web site, and we will try to organize a dedicated meeting in January on this one subject.


 Wolf Lake Initiative: Bob reported that we are currently involved in this through our representatives, Terry Schilling and Walter Marcisz.


Dogs on Montrose Beach: Randi reported that our efforts now have to be concentrated on getting the city to move the “dog beach” somewhere other than Montrose—Foster Beach for example. Chris added that we should try to get the city to enforce its current regulations.




Monitoring Committee: Lee reported that efforts are now beginning to organize next year’s monitoring program. There will be major improvements in the web site, and we hope to extend our monitoring coverage, especially in the outlying counties.


West Nile Virus: We are looking for someone to head up a study group on this subject and make recommendations on BCN policy before the mosquitoes return next year.


Greater Chicago Birding Trail: Donald Dann is chair of a citywide task force with responsibility for creating the trail.


BCN Web Site: Outings Information: Randi should be thanked for preparing the calendar of outings, which now exists on the BCN web site. It contains a complete list of birding trips and related events available throughout the Chicago area. Eventually it will also include national festivals and birding hotspots.




Ken believes that birders may eventually be able to get into the 131st Street Sewage Treatment Facility again, with restrictions. It would be a good idea for birders and birding clubs to write letters to the Metropolitan Sanitary District.


There is no news about the proposed road through Fermilab except that a local paper is reporting that unnamed DuPage County officials are trying to revive the proposal.


Randi and Bob will represent BCN at the Chicago Wilderness Congress on November 20.


The January 18, 2003, meeting will be held at the Garfield Park Conservatory. This is our annual meeting, with election of officers. Proposed locations for subsequent meetings are: April, Save the Dunes (IN); July, Camp Sagawau.