Bird Conservation Network

Executive Committee

Minutes: November 26, 2002


In attendance: Donald Dann, Bob Fisher, Mary Anne Harrison, Judy Pollock, Lee Ramsey



Donald updated us on various projects in which he is involved or interested. (1) Regarding the Montrose fence, he commented that the dog beach at the north end looks like a done deal, as of a conference held last night. He is working with Chris Williamson, Jill Niland, Randi Doeker, Joel Brammeier and Terry Schilling to develop positive responses at this point. One thing that seems advisable is to report violations of the present rules to the city.

(2)There will be a planning meeting on the Birding Trail January 11 at 10 a.m. at North Park Village. Invitations have been sent to all 18 club presidents. The task is to design the whole trail, taking into consideration accessibility, safety, and transportation.

(3)He is “hopeful” regarding the new leadership of the DNR. Thanks to Governor-elect Blagojevich, the DNR will be headed by Joel Brunsvold, a “sportsman.”

(4) He opposes merger of the County Board and FPD.


Mary Anne reported on membership dues and our current bank balance. Several member organizations have unpaid dues, and at least one has paid but not had its check cashed. Bob and Judy have solutions for organizing our incoming mail and seeing that it is processed. Mary Anne asked that she be informed about all grant applications so that she can set up funds for them.


Lee reported on the balloting for new members: see below. He also reported on some proposed changes in the monitoring program, which will be discussed in a Monitoring Committee meeting on December 4. The most important features of the current proposals are to replace the spring workshops with ongoing communication between the Committee and the clubs and to make more extensive use of Ebird.


Judy noted that plans for a 2003 follow-up of the West Nile Virus survey will be discussed at the monitoring meeting.  Recommendations are to avoid use of aerial or broadcast spraying and also to avoid overreaction. The Mayor’s Committee on Wildlife has a new leader who wants to be more proactive on this issue.  Bob asked Judy to develop a “template” for advice to give to BCN member organizations.


Bob reported on the lights out/window collision project. Randi Doeker has developed a position statement that is currently available on the BCN website. He suggested that it might be worthwhile to check buildings along Route 53 and other such places as well as buildings in the Loop. Perhaps Randi’s statement should be revised—though the accompanying fact sheet is fine as is. Bob and Judy will talk to Randi prior to the meeting scheduled on this issue in January.


Following a suggestion of Randi’s, we should perhaps look for professional volunteers to manage the BCN website.


Judy is involved in organizing Important Bird Areas in Illinois. A meeting to start the process will be scheduled sometime in January.




Because we did not have a quorum at the last general meeting, balloting on invitations to at-large membership was conducted by mail. The balloting was completed on December 2. Nineteen ballots were received, representing members from fourteen organizational members. The vote on the three candidates for membership was:

                Randi Doeker: 18 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain

                R. David Johnson: 18 yes, 0 no, 1 abstain

                Ken Wysocki: 19 yes, 0 no

Since this vote represent a clear consensus in favor of all three candidates, all three will be invited to join BCN as at-large members.