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BCN Excom Meeting

September 20, 2004 - 12 Noon



Randi Doeker

Donald Dann

Bob Fisher

Glenn Gabanski

Judy Pollock

Lee Ramsey



1.  BCN Monitoring program - Judy presented the current funding sources and program details:

The biggest issue is with attracting new monitors to the program. Many volunteers don’t have the skills to recognize birds by sight or sound.  Lee will write a plan that includes asking the Clubs for assistance recruiting new monitors.


2.      MOBCI – Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative -

The group discussed the MOBCI program and how it might work in Illinois.   Donnie will contact the clubs from downstate to discuss their interest in a state-wide organization.


3.      Birds & Buildings Conference –


Randi updated the group on the March 2005 conference plans. BCN is a co-sponsor.


4.      Treasure’s Issues

5.      Dues (see attached financial report sheet)


Glenn has determined that the current dues revenue is basically equal to our annual operating expenses (see attached pro forma balance sheet).  The ExCom therefore recommends that the membership dues be left unchanged. The current funds surplus (a carryover from monies taken in that exceeded expenses for the 2000 BCN conference) can most effectively be used to fund new BCN projects or initiatives.


6.      Nominating Committee


Donnie will select the nominating committee for the 2005 election of officers.


7.      FPDCC issues


Randi reported that there is no news regarding new dog parks in the FP.


8.      Chicago Park District


Randi reported that the park district will hold citywide meetings to discuss the future of the island. 


9.      Chicago Department of the Environment


Randi and Donnie explained the status of the Birding Trail Map:  Chicago Wilderness has funded the printing of an initial supply of maps, however, one of the ChiWild reps was holding up the project because he wanted to change the nature of the map.  Donnie has talked to this person recently and gotten a release of the funds.  DOE should be scheduling a meeting soon to restart the production process.


10.   Ecowatch


The group discussed the demise of the Ecowatch program in which a dozen state employees managed the work of thousands of volunteers who monitored nature sites.


11.   Partners for Parks and Wildlife  --


This organization was formed by 130+ groups who agreed to fight the Governor’s budget cuts on open space and natural areas funding.  The organization was basically underwritten by a couple of local groups (like the Openlands Project and the IL Environmental Council) that donated people and resources.  PPW will meet this week to discuss becoming a permanent organization.  Donnie and Randi will be at the meeting.


12.   The next BCN meeting is on November 6th at Donnie’s home in Highland Park.  Donnie will distribute the formal notice; Bob will send out the agenda.


Meeting ended at 2pm.


Randi Doeker