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BCN BeeBzz is an e-mail list for those interested in monitoring and conserving natural areas in the Chicago Wilderness region (ne IL, nw IN, se WI). Our purpose is to encourage discussion among bird monitors, stewards, land managers, researchers and others interested in conserving bird habitat in the natural areas of the Greater Chicago area.


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TOPICS: Suggested topics include relationships between habitat and bird populations, bird behavior, unusually high or low numbers of species observed, suggestions for more effective monitoring, and questions about protocols. The BCN will also post announcements here. If there is a question that listserv users can't answer, we’ll send it out to someone who will know the answer. Please limit discussions to matters concerning bird monitoring and natural areas management in the Greater Chicago region. Events, workshops and conferences concerning local bird conservation may be posted on the listserv.

ETIQUETTE: Stay on topic, do not include advertising of any sort, and avoid endorsing candidates or lobbying for bills. There is no control before a message is sent to the group other than your good judgment. Therefore we expect subscribers to be respectful of this as a tool for sharing information.


Working Together for Birds and Habitats


Monitor Spotlight

Dave Spleha

Grasslands amid the particle collisions

Dave Spleha took up serious birding in the 1990s, encouraged by his son who had just taken a college ornithology class.  Later Dave began keeping track of birds at Fermilab with Peter Kasper, who was doing regular bird surveys there.  In 2005 Peter suggested that Dave begin point count monitoring, and they set up 10 points in a variety of grassland areas. Dave now covers these points during the breeding season while continuing to monitor year round with Peter. The data they are compiling provides an exceptional view of bird populations over time at a variety of differently managed habitats.