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What To Do With Injured and Orphaned Birds

Stunned and Injured Birds:

What to Do with a Stunned or Injured Bird

You may try to contain an injured bird in a paper bag or box.  Close the bag or box securely so that the bird does not escape to a place where it cannot be caught.  Place the bag or box in a quiet, dark area away from extreme heat or cold.  Do not offer the bird any food or water.  Call Chicago Bird Collision Monitors at (773) 988-1867 or visit their website at for more information.


Young and Baby Birds:

What to Do if You Found a Baby Bird

Before doing anything for the bird, please read this article produced by the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.


Who Should I Call for Help:

Contact local wildlife rehabilitators/centers, suburban animal control or Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.


Scan these links for a list of additional rehabbers permitted by the state (IDNR) to care for birds.


How Else Can I Help?:

Most, if not all, of the organizations listed on this page depend on help from volunteers.  These groups also rely heavily on donations from foundations and individuals.  Funding is a serious issue that has forced many rehab. facilities to close their doors or turn away injured birds due to a lack of resources.  What would we do with our injured birds if these organizations didn't exist?  Please consider returning the favor through your financial and / or volunteer support.

Working Together for Birds and Habitats