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Bird Conservation Network - Contact Sources

BCN and its member groups are involved in a wide range of bird conservation activities. Please feel free to call or email the appropriate expert source listed below according to the topic you are interested in. If you need assistance outside this range of issues, please contact Mary Lou Mellon, BCN's president.

Please note that this list is for individual inquiries and press requests only. This information may not be collected or used for marketing, promotions of causes, or solicitations.

General information about BCN or membership information:
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Dave Willard, BCN President, (312) 665-7731,

Group dues payments or other financial matters:
Glenn Gabanski, treasurer, (630) 920-8575,

Chicago bird conservation issues:
Christine Williamson, Chicago Ornithological Society,
Judy Pollock, (847) 962-7868,

Northern Cook County bird conservation issues:
Suzanne Checchia, Evanston North Shore Bird Club, (847) 328-8286,

Northwestern Cook County bird conservation issues:
Duane Heaton, Prairie Woods Audubon Society, (847) 358-5856,

Lake County bird conservation issues:
Donnie Dann, The Nature Conservancy, (847) 266-2222,
Chris Geiselhart, Lake County Audubon, (847) 362-5134,

Kane County bird conservation issues:
Bob Andrini, Kane County Audubon, (630) 584-8386,

McHenry County bird conservation issues:
Doug Crane, McHenry County Audubon, (815) 338-0046,

Will County bird conservation issues:
Rita Renwick, Will County Audubon, (815) 725-2934,

Illinois Statewide bird conservation issues:
Jim Herkert, The Illinois Audubon Society, (217) 544-2473,

Lake Calumet area habitat restoration activities:
Walter Marcisz, Chicago Ornithological Society, (773) 646-3034,

Grassland restoration and birds:
Judy Pollock, (847) 962-7868,
Marianne Hahn, Midewin Tallgrass Prairie Alliance, (708) 799-0249,
Alan Anderson, Chicago Audubon Society, (847) 390-7437,

Chicago city parks habitat restoration:
Leslie Borns, Montrose Dunes, (773) 334-2281,
Terry Schilling, Lakeview Citizen's Council, (773) 275-5777,

Chicago Mayor's Committee on Nature and Wildlife:
Bobbi Asher, (708) 771-2085,
Judy Pollock, (847) 962-7868,
Terry Schilling, (312) 375-3902,

Bird banding information:
Glenn Gabanski, DuPage Birding Club, (630) 920-8575,

Chicago's Lights Out Program information:
Annette Prince, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, (630) 841-7110,

Prevention of bird-building collisions:
Annette Prince, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, (630) 841-7110,

If you have found an injured bird:
Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, (773) 988-1867

Information for architects about building safer structures for birds:
Annette Prince, Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, (630) 841-7110,

For information on birds and wind turbines:
Bob Fisher, Illinois Ornithological Society, (630) 985-2956,

National and international bird conservation issues:
Donnie Dann, The Nature Conservancy, (847) 266-2222,
Judy Pollock, (847) 962-7868,

Bird survey studies and breeding bird surveys:
Emma England, (847) 454-5539,

For information about keeping cats indoors:
Donnie Dann, American Bird Conservancy, (847) 266-2222,

To request an update, removal, or addition to the list please:
E-Mail the Webmaster

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