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BCN Monitors: Enter Habitat Data

Help us learn more about the habitats our birds are using. To make our database more valuable for research and improve our understanding of birds, we are gathering more detailed information about the habitats that the birds we monitor are using.



STEP 1: Classify the Habitats at your Monitoring Points

If you do point counts at your site(s), please fill out the habitat info form below.  You will need to choose a habitat type for each point using the BCN habitat classifications sheet also below. Some monitors may be able to fill out this form using only satelite photos and personal recall of their points. Others may need to go visit their site (during late spring or summer is best) to view the habitats on the ground.


Imagine a circle with your point at the center and a 75 meter radius. Consider the habitats that fall within that circle.  If there is more than one habitat type, you can record up to three.  Woodland, shrubland and wetland patches that are too small for breeding birds to use need not be recorded.  If there is more than one habitat, estimate the percentage of each habitat in the circle to the nearest 10%. (Don't fret over this - your best guess will be fine.)  Please use the number codes from the habitat classifications sheet for each habitat type.


To help you visualize the area covered by your 75 meter radius point count circle, you can use this online point count circle viewer to help. Type in the Lat, Lon coordinates for your point and hit enter. If you don't know the Lat, Lon coordinates for your point, we can look it up for you if you contact us.


The BCN habitat classification system was designed for common-sense use – without technical training. But if you’d prefer that someone else do it for your points, we can help. Send us a request by contacting us (see contact information at the bottom of this page).








STEP 2: Send Us Your Results

There are two ways to send us your results. You can help us save time by entering your information online, or if you don't have time, send us your form in the mail and one of our amazing volunteers will enter it for you.


ONLINE DATA ENTRY FORM   Bird Conservation Network
c/o Bird Division
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605



Questions or Difficulties: Please contact us if you have any questions, difficulties with the forms, or trouble using the online data entry form. E-mail: or call Judy Pollock at: 847-962-7868.

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