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Joining the Bird Conservation Network

Organizational Membership

If your organization is not a BCN member, please consider joining us. Organizational dues are only $75 a year, and you'll be doing the best thing you can to support conservation of bird habitat throughout our area. In addition to our work on habitat conservation, we also coordinate bird monitoring throughout the Chicagoland area.  Contact us for more details.



Q. Who can join BCN?

A. Our members are largely comprised of Birding Clubs and Audubon chapters; however, membership is not limited to these types of groups.  Our members also include other organizations, alliances, and foundations that are dedicated to conserving birds.  Bird conservation is not necessarily the only facet of their work.


BCN is seeking organizations with a focus towards birds or bird conservation (as at least one major focus of their work).  Although not always feasible, BCN prefers that organizations send at least one representative to each of the BCN meetings held at least quarterly at various locations in the Chicago area (usually in centrally located areas of Cook Co., Lake Co., and DuPage Co.).


Representatives from member organizations should have a basic understanding of birds and their needs, place the welfare of birds forefront when casting votes, and vote in a manner that respects the views of their members at large.


Organizations should be based in or have membership in the "Chicago Region".  The "Chicago Region" is not specifically defined, but for our purposes currently includes areas as far west as DeKalb County and as far east as eastern Indiana.  North and south boundaries are not well established. Currently, BCN includes member clubs only as far north and south as Lake Co. IL and Will Co., but organizations to the north or south of these areas with a desire to join BCN are encouraged to inquire.  With development expanding outward from Chicago at a rapid pace, we encourage organizations in any of the collar rural counties to inquire if interested (even if commute to BCN meetings isn't a feasibility).


Q. Why should we join BCN?

A. Clubs and organizations can join BCN to show their support for conservation initiatives and research like the BCN Survey, Bird Blitz, Chicago Region Birding Trail, Migrant Bird Habitat Study, and more.  As members of BCN, each organization / club can designate up to three representatives to act and vote at BCN meetings on behalf of its members at large.  All clubs and organizations sharing an interest in bird conservation can benefit from the strong support of the Bird Conservation Network through its region-wide recognition, increased influence through strength in numbers, and experience at attempting to work in cooperation with all involved parties to reach sensible agreements.  BCN helps many groups with local conservation issues in their communities.  BCN also needs your club's support and support from your club's active BCN reps to help bring attention to conservation issues in your local area.


Q. Where does the $75 go?

A. Most of your money supports basic necessities associated with operating BCN, including expenses for office materials, mailings, phone calls, the BCN website, and other items required for the bare-bones operation of BCN.  Remaining funds provide a small additional pool that supports BCN conservation projects and initiatives.  Most of our major support comes from our many dedicated volunteers and grants from other organizations.  If your organization has a financial hardship that makes payment of dues difficult, please let us know.


Q. Can I join as an individual?

A. The Bird Conservation Network, rather than being comprised of individual members, is built upon a coalition of birding clubs and other organizations active in bird conservation.  However, the BCN bylaws do contain a clause that allows individuals to directly join BCN.  Currently, BCN

only has a couple individual members.  These are individuals who "support the goals of BCN and are willing to donate their time and effort to realizing the goals of BCN. Individual Members shall be nominated by existing members, and shall be accepted by a consensus of the current members attending the next regular meeting. Individual Member dues are $25.00 per year."  Individual members are generally admitted under special circumstances.  These individuals are typically active in conservation work but unaffiliated with a local club / organization or working in a region that lacks an assembled group that is a member of BCN.  Whenever possible, individuals are encouraged to seek out and work with a birding club or other group in their area that is a member of BCN (or has interest in joining).



If you simply wish to show your individual support for BCN:


See our Donations Page for more information about making a donation to BCN.

Please browse our website for various volunteer opportunities.


Contact us for more details or to join.

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