Threats to Birds

Bird Threats - Resources

These initiatives address threats to birds and important conservation issues that effect them.


Chicago's "Lights Out" Program

The Chicago Lights Out Program is a cooperative effort between the City of Chicago, the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago, and the Field Museum to dim tall building lights to save birds' lives. For more general information, see CBCM's Lights Out page.

Cats Indoors!

A campaign of the American Bird Conservancy, this site discusses how keeping cats indoors can help save the lives of cats and billions of birds.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

CBCM is an all-volunteer conservation project dedicated to the protection of migratory birds through rescue, advocacy and outreach. Educational initiatives include bird safe building design, urban threats to birds, the Lights Out program, and more.

If you want additional information or have questions regarding any of the topics above or other issues, feel free to contact us. Also, check out the BCN Contact List for contacts regarding specific bird issues.

Working Together for Birds and Habitats

In The Spotlight

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

"The Chicago Bird Collision Monitors put in hours patrolling the early morning streets of Chicago, collecting and rescuing birds that have struck windows in the one-square mile area that constitutes the Loop. It is both a triumphal and sobering vigil, kept by people who rise at 3:00 in the morning to take an early morning train to arrive before sunrise."

Chicago Urban Nature Examiner