This common statewide breeder took a newsworthy plunge due to West Nile Virus in recent years. 29 BCN eBird points sampled in both 2002 and 2003 had American Crow sightings during at least one of those years. The combined total for these 29 sites dropped from 43 in 2002 to 15 in 2003 - a decrease of over 65% in a one year period! However, the long term decline indicated by the data below does not accurately account for the many crows that breed in urban and agricultural areas which are insufficiently monitored. Although declines on the BCN Survey are starting to level out, spring and Christmas bird counts in the region continue to report record low numbers each year. Photo: © Eric Secker


















    Annual Change Pct. Error      
  None Noted   258   1149   Normal*   -26% +/-4%      



























Steep Decline




















1999-2007 TREND - Point Counts














    Goodness of Fit
Chi-Square: p= 0













    model fits if p >0.05 (model
estimate is not significantly
dif. from observed counts)


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